The site selection process involves the need for effective interaction with a diverse group of constituents. Our experience and networking across the country have resulted in many strong relationships with a variety of professional resources which might benefit your particular needs. We trust you will see that the testimonials below reflect our knowledge of the process, focus on facilitating a solution, effective communication and history of leaving positive impressions with those we interact with.


Making sure we exceed our clients expectations is a constant focus. If we finish an assignment that does not result in a clients willingness to provide a referral, we simply have not done our job.

  • “We engaged Scott in early 2011 to help Alpina find a location for our first US manufacturing location facility, a major step in our growth plans for this country.  He was instrumental in the understanding and selection of the right location considering all aspects of our business, bringing to Alpina an excellent value proposition.As part of that process Soctt was instrumental in managing the  acquisition costs thru his negotiating skills and guidance on utilizing available incentive programs. His knowledge of the process associated with site selection and the  facility development process  was crucial to our organization as we had little experience in undertaking this process in the US. In addition he proved to be extremely resourceful in the way he was able to identify other consultants and professionals, including a local  law firm, and an HR consultant specializing in our industry which led to hiring of some key people.Scott took the time to understand our business and culture and always kept Alpina’s objectives in focus. We appreciated his preparation in advance of any key meeting and his dedication to effective and timely communication. Overall, his business sense, knowledge of all aspects of the site selection process and resourcefulness proved invaluable.I would not hesitate to work with Scott again and would strongly encourage other companies facing a facility decision to utilize his talents.”

           Julián Jaramillo Escobar –  Presidente Corporativo, CEO -Alpina Productos Alimenticios S.A.

Economic Developers

Economic Development professionals are key participants in the process. If utilized properly, they can bring tremendous resources to the search process. A site consultants role must include significant experience in working effectively with these professionals, an ability to identify the best available for a particular assignment and a clear understanding of how they and their organizations function.

  • “I have had the opportunity to work with Scott on three exciting projects.  He is professional,  communicates effectively in a timely manner, and demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the site selection process and the resources required to move the site selection process forward within timelines.  He is an advocate for his clients’ interests and confidentialities, and has an appreciation for the economic developer’s perspective and processes.  We at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership welcome the opportunity to work with Scott again.”

            Laura Leigh N. Savage –  Business Development Manager,  Virginia Economic Development Partnership

  •  “Working with Scott Kupperman, Founder at Kupperman Location Solutions, LLC, on the site selection process for Alpina Foods was an enjoyable experience.  As Alpina’s site selector, Scott sought out and vetted a green field site for the company’s first North American greek yogurt plant.  He visited The Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park, located in Batavia, NY, on many occasions and meet with myself and my staff in an effort to find the right location for Alpina.  His understanding of economic development and his ability to work with our agency was paramount.  Kupperman has the ability to communicate his client’s needs while maintaining confidentiality in all forms of communication.  His knowledge of the economic development process and resources required helped Alpina, in my opinion; select the best location for their manufacturing facility.  I welcome, and look forward to, the opportunity to work with him again on future projects.”

            Steve Hyde, President and CEO of the Genesee County Economic Development Center

  •   “Over the past four years, I have had the opportunity to work with Scott on numerous occasions, including a significant food-related manufacturing project that ended up  locating in Knoxville, brining over $70 M and 900 jobs to my community.   Throughout the process, Scott was extremely professional and was a master at balancing his client’s needs along with providing the community the right information in a timely fashion needed to structure an appropriate economic development response.   Scott has a solid understanding of the site selection process and, perhaps most importantly, how economic development organizations and public bodies must be part of the overall project team.   I’ve brought Scott in to present to various groups in Knoxville, and look forward to the next phone call from him with an active industrial recruitment opportunity.”

           Doug Lawyer,Director of Economic Development – Knoxville Chamber


Architects & Engineers

Architects and Engineers from various discip[ines (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, environmental) can play a crucial role in helping evaluate an existing building, development site or key entitlement or permit requirement. Understanding existing conditions with detailed technical insight and more importantly, the implications on future construction and operations, must be analyzed in a timely manner and mitigated while leverage exists. Our 12 years of experience in a full service architectural and engineering firm has provided us with the knowledge of how to identify the best firm for a particular assignment and integrate them effectively into the team.

  • “We had the opportunity of working with Kupperman Location Solutions (KLS) in 2011 while being considered as the Design Team for a large, local food-service facility being developed by an out-of-state Client. KLS was charged with developing the list of potential candidates to be considered by the Client and made the first contact for the initial background reviews. We found the handling of the initial contact by KLS to be reflective of a firm that completely understood the intricate relationships between an Architect and his Consultants as well as the manner in which a Design Team works with their Client. KLS’s ability to quickly narrow down a list of qualified firms with very little time and/or local knowledge was impressive to say the least.Once selected, our first responsibility was to assist with the property acquisition team. The purchase was a very complex, complicated yet fast paced effort wherein KLS exhibited a clear grasp of the process, the politics, the players and the steps necessary to complete the transaction. Their handling of the direct communications with brokers, the seller and the buyer were never questioned and ultimately resulted in all parties satisfied and an on-time closing.Should the opportunity arise, Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C. and the rest of our Design Team would not hesitate working together again with Kupperman Location Solutions.Interested parties should feel free to contact me directly to discuss any part of our experience. We would be pleased to offer a verbal or written reference.”

            Gerald (Jerry) Cox –  President,  Cox, Kliewer & Company  Virginia Beach, VA


  • “Having worked with Scott for the better part of seven years, I was fortunate enough to be a part of several site selection teams with him.  What I learned is that Scott has a very complete understanding of all of the issues associated with a site selection exercise, including some of the most technical ones.  In my case that meant understanding the ways in which site utility, permitting, parking, grading and other site civil engineering issues played into the suitability of a particular site.  This gave Scott the ability to use those findings as negotiating points or to very quickly identify “deal killers”.  That complete understanding allows him to push the right buttons on behalf of his clients to make sure that they are selecting the most appropriate site for their specific development and their overall business”.

           John O’Neill –  Vice President- Operations Manager,  Michael Baker Corporation



With few exceptions, one or multiple attorneys will become part of the team during the selection process. Whether it is the clients’s own in-house counsel, a law firm providing corporate advisory or real estate transactional services for the client, or a specialized counsel who has been engaged to assist with entitlements, critical operating permits or environmental matters, we have experience and a history of working effective with the legal profession.

  • “I am Chairman of our firm’ s Zoning and Land Use Practice Group which consists of 23 attorneys
    in seven of our U.S. offices. In that capacity, I have had the opportunity to work with a large number of
    consultants on many corporate expansions, re-locations, and acquisitions. Over the course of the last nine
    months, I have had occasion to work closely with Scott Kupperman  of Kupperman Location Solutions on
    a new manufacturing and distribution facility for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Isle of Wight
    County, Virginia. This project has resulted in over $180 million capital investment by the company and
    will eventually produce over 800 well paying jobs in the greater Hampton Roads area.
    Scott demonstrated great experience in the selection of this site and the elimination of others
    considered by the company. Upon completion of the selection process, Scott continued to play a critical
    role in coordinating with the seller’s representative, local counsel, and the company. Scott was
    particularly attuned to the legal constraints and contingencies that would be associated with a large
    acquisition of this nature and displayed a similar concern for the other development components for this
    As local counsel, I can attest that Scott always understood the role of local counsel and the
    client’s corporate team. Frankly, it is my observation that all of the parties had so much respect for Scott’s
    abilities and experience, they often let Scott play a lead role on the many issues affecting the deal. Scott
    communicated effectively and maintained confIdentiality with the client in a manner most
    uncharacteristic of many consultants. It is clear to me that he had the complete faith and confidence of
    the client.
    I would not hesitate to work with Scott again and, in fact, I have recommended Scott to other
    companies engaged in a similar process for their companies.”

           R.J. Nutter II –  Troutman Sanders, LLP  Virginia Beach, VA


Real Estate Brokers

Depending on the location and property ownership structure, a Real Estate broker(s) may play an important role in acquiring property. Their form of involvement may be as a listing agent for property under consideration for purchase and/or lease by your organization. Our experience in working effectively in these situations by communication effectively, maintaining client confidentiality and understanding the Real Estate transaction process has been of value to many of our clients.

In some locations, we may suggest engaging the services of a Real Estate professional to help identify potential property solutions if there is a concern that options may be available which have not been conveyed by other means. We have facilitated these situations by identifying and recommending capable Real Estate professionals in a particular region, formalizing their responsibilities, managing their activities and communications and maintaining desired confidentialities.

In either of the circumstances described above, it is critical to understand the capabilities  and expectations of Real Estate professionals in order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship which facilitates a transaction.

  • “I am an industrial broker in the Seattle market and had the opportunity to work with Mr. Kupperman in a brokerage capacity identifying industrial properties for one of his clients as they sought candidate locations for a new manufacturing and distribution facility to serve the Northwest. Scott demonstrated a thorough understanding for effectively utilizing brokers in a particular market to utilize their expertise and market knowledge for the greatest benefit to the client.  Throughout the process, Scott was the main point of communication between his client, landlord, and me, very effectively isolating obstacles and creating solutions.  The client was very sensitive to the community and local municipality and Scott assisted in all levels of communication to help create a partnership among all parties.It was a pleasure to work with Scott; he eased a complicated process, facilitated multiple layers of client communication, and created a path to get the deal done.”

           Jim Honan –  Principal,  Neil Walter Company


Property Owners/Developers

Every location solution will result in occupancy (leasehold or owned) of a facility, construction of a new facility, renovation/expansion of existing space or some combination thereof.  Our Real Estate background and experience have benefited clients through effective and confidential communication with property owners, facilitating and expediting the transaction process and our ability to organize and lead a team effort involving the necessary legal, design and engineering resources, all the while working effectively with the property owner and their representatives.  

  • “Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) recently purchased our, Johnson Development Associates (JDA), facility located in Isle of Wight County, VA.  We were introduced to Kupperman Location Solutions and GMCR during the 2nd quarter of 2011 and closed on our building in January 2012.  From start to finish KLS had a great understanding of all aspects of the deal (property acquisition, local and state incentives, and facilitating the final transaction between the two principles).  KLS worked diligently to achieve not only their client’s goals but also to communicate information in a timely manner to JDA while maintaining the strict confidentiality of GMCR.  JDA enjoyed all aspects of our recent transaction and look forward to working with KLS in the future.”

            Copeland Rhea –  Johnson Development Associates, Inc  McLean, VA